Corporate On-Site Massage
On-Site Chair Massage is fast becoming a popular and extremely effective component of the working day.  Many companies now arrange for this facility for their employees and for corporate events. The facility acts as part of an employee "wellbeing" programme. It is a safe, conveniently cost effective program that raises employee morale and provides valuable health benefits. Studies have shown that programs such as this have combined advantages.
Benefits to the employer:
Increase in employee productivity - Creates a healthy atmosphere - Increases employee appreciation and loyalty to the company - Decrease in sick days.
Benefits to the employee:
Reduces stress and fatigue - Improves mental alertness and concentration through relaxation - Gives employees the feeling they are cared about - Convenience of availability on-site.
 These programmes  work  well for both the company and the individual.
Seated Acupressure Chair Massage is designed specifically to reduce stress in the workplace.  It is an energising 20 minute massage focusing on a combination of acupressure point and massage techniques accessible on the back,  neck,  shoulders,  arms, hands and head whilst sitting in a comfortable ergonomic chair.   It is suited to the workplace because the client remains fully clothed and no oils are required, so they return to work refreshed and with renewed energy levels.
Indian Head Massage is a simple but effective therapy for the head, neck and shoulders - the practitioner uses a range of different pressures and massage techniques that provide instant relief from tension and stress symptoms.  It helps to promote a clear focused frame of mind.  It is adapted to the workplace as it is performed over clothes and without oils.

*Each session can be adapted to last between 10 - 30 minutes.
Bookings are made in advance and a tailor made package is put together for your companies requirements.  Contact us for a more detailed discussion and demonstration

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