Massage Therapies
Massage is a perfect way to nurture our body and mind, most anybody can benefit from massage whatever their age or physical condition. Massage can stimulate and invigorate as well as being relaxing and calming.       I use a combination of massage techniques and approaches. The pressure with any massage will always be adjusted to suit you and treatment times can be adapted.

This massage is designed to disperse tension from the body. It uses various massage strokes that bring relief to sore, tight muscles and encourage healthy circulation. It's a marvellous massage to help ease and soothe  aching joints and musles, leaving you relaxed and refreshed.
40 mins £35
60 mins £50
'Champissage' is a simple but hugely beneficial massage for the head, neck, shoulders and face. It is carried out in a seated position using little or no oil, focusing on relieving stress and tension by using a combination of acupressure, massage and lymphatic drainage techniques.
40 mins £30
Remedial massage incorporates deep tissue, trigger point work and hot stone therapy on muscles which are chronically tense. It is particularly helpful to muscles subjected to overuse and effective at breaking down scar tissue and adhesions.
60 mins £55
90 mins £75
Aromatherapy is a gentle massage releasing tension held in every part of the body. Essential oils are blended for your specific needs and the combination of massage strokes and essential oils induce a luxurious, deep relaxation and refreshment for the body and mind.
60 mins £50
90 mins £65
The perfect therapy for people that do not wish to undress, it is carried out in an ergonomic chair that supports the body in total comfort and requires no oils. It focuses on the acupressure points accessible on the back, arms, hands, neck and head resulting in an extremely effective therapy to relax and recharge.
20 mins £20

A bespoke facial that incorporates cleansing, exfoliation, hot towel compress alongside a face and scalp massage with blended essential oils to suit your specific skin type, followed by a mask - leaving the skin nourished, refined and fresh.
* Please allow an extra 15 minutes consultation time if it is your first visit, to enable me to establish any particular health issues and to find out your requirements for the treatment. Your requirements may well be different on each visit and your treatment will reflect this.
*Please note travel time for home visits maybe be made or incorporated into charges. Please ask when enquiring.

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